September 22, 2021 5:59 pm

People always talk about how crucial it is to choose the right university or the right field of study. However, they usually neglect the importance of choosing the right place to live while a student pursues their studies and the fact that this decision is as vital as anything else. And here is why:

You will save time and effort on commuting to your school.

If your residence has a great location nearby your school, you will so grateful to save lots of time and have that very much-needed extra hour of your sleep. It also saves you money for public transportation because all you need is a 5-minutes walk.

You will meet new people, build relationships and grow your network.

Living in a student residence means that you will always be surrounded by like-minded intelligent people, who can potentially help you with the project you are struggling with, have useful advice and connections. Moreover, you will expand your horizon and build the friendship of a lifetime. Staying in the residence brings you plenty of opportunities to meet different people from different backgrounds, constantly learn new things about different countries and cultures, and have endless fun!

You will learn how to live with other people and become independent.

Living in the student residence will teach you how to deal with issues that may arise when living with roommates but at the same time you will learn how to become independent and live on your own. This is the process that every person must go through in order to gain emotional independence separately from your family.

Even though we are big believers that living in a residence will benefit your student years, we’ve decided to back our opinion up by science. Research shows that compared to students who commute, students who live in the residences:


– Feel more comfortable with the university environment and more satisfied with their student experience

– Show more rapid development of social and communication skills

– Have higher self-esteem, feel better about themselves and their accomplishments

– Build stronger friendships, and experience a greater sense of community

– Have more support when times are tough

– Have a better balance between academics and social activities


Source: Four Critical Years, by Alexander W. Astin.

Overall, choosing the right place to live is a very important decision for every student. As only in a safe and healthy living environment, a student can fully dive into the academic world and focus on their studies. Moving out of your parents’ home can be stressful and intimidating but staying at the right student residence can help you in multiple ways to make this time more productive, successful, and fun! So, are you excited about your future? Because we are!